The Gucci Garden Open / by Love Vdo


This past January The Gucci Garden opened. It is a rotating gallery. This means that every month or so pieces are brought in on display and put out for others. They keep an archive: all rare and antique pieces from the Gucci Dynasty. If you didn't know Florence is actually where Gucci began.  The first store of Gucci actually was here in Florence it's not at the current location that the Gucci store is now located at Via de' Tornabuoni and 6 locations in Florence. At the Gucci Garden, you can expect to a bookstore clothing shop and restaurant all connected by 3 stories of gallery space. 

Reservation for the restaurant has to be made well in advance because of the high demand the store sells a limited collection of items that range from rare vintage pieces to a collection of one of a king bomber jackets and clothing that is designed and only available at the Gucci garden for purchase. 

I took a visit and went on a tour.  I  was brought through the Collection that is currently up on display. Much of Gucci theme revolves around nature. This is reflecting in the ornaments, textiles, and forms of the garments/ accessories. In each of the galleries, there are old pieces juxtaposed by with newer works. The pieces range from Luggage and handbags to animations, garments and so much more. 

Guccio Gucci founded the House of Gucci as a shop in Florence in 1906. The first designs focused on luggage. He used to work in a hotel and was inspired by the luggage the rich guests used. This was his first customer base.  Currently, Alessandro Michele is the creative director of the brand and it is way more than with its origins were.

I went with a class to gain inspiration for designs we are working on for an assignment. Like the name of the space, a lot of the Gucci work is inspired by flora and animals. The pieces on display were rich in color. A lot of the works are apart f the couture collection. These, in particular, require a lot of technical skills. Sequins, fur, and leather wear a unifying motif.

This would be a nice place to visit while you are in Florence since it is one of its kind. Especially if you are an artist/designer looking for inspiration.
It is open 7 days a week from 10-7:30 pm and 8 pm on Saturday and Sunday. If you are a student you can get in for free with an ID!