My Favorite Place / by Love Vdo

I'm not sure if you've ever tried exploring by yourself but you really should. Currently, I'm living in Florence which has been a really enlightning experience and I've been able to visit other places that I probably would have never even visited before this is my second time in Italy but when I did come to the lead when I was around 15 I really only this did the big spots like Rome and the Amalfi Coast. However, living in the place is different than visiting a place for short time. You have to go through a sense of acclamation and integration into any environment that you otherwise wouldn't have been exposed to otherwise.  For a lot of people your instinct is to connect with something familiar. Like what reminds you of home. I did not want to leave having not immersed myself as much as I could and through that I found my favorite place.

Every Thursday I travel outside of the city center and work in a Middle School near Talenti. But this isn't about that it's about the path I take to get there. I have to pass through a park to get to the school. This park used to be owned by a wealthy family and it was an estate. It's vast and there is a building on the property that functions as an information center I believe. I like to sit in this park and just enjoy the quiet. The are is much more different pace in the neighborhood than the city center that is often full of tourist. Personally, I haven't been able to find many spots with a vast green space like this park.

I am glad I found it and it's been a place where I can really think about life and being in a different place like Italy. I'm going into my final 5th year of college and transitioning into another phase of adulthood. So it's kind of been like an oasis for me and I never really see people there especially since I go early.

Anyways It's a great place to just slow down.