Fashion Week / by Love Vdo

One of the positive things about studying abroad in Europe, especially Italy, is that you are in a region of the world that you may have not been able to explore yet. It may be your first time by yourself traveling without it being a trip led by either your parents or  program. You have an opportunity to dictate where you go and what you see.



While in florence I am taking some fashion classes and in one of my courses I made friends with a classmate. She had mentioned that she had always wanted to visit milan and I felt the same and Fashion week was coming up as well. We decided to plan a trip and organized all the details. If you are going to be traveling it is important to do some research on where you are going. Lodging, meals, and transportation are obvious to planning. However, it could be more complex if not done right. Milan is a large city so luckily there was public transportation that was easily accessible and transit ticket machines also allow you the option of switching the language. Food was also easy to come by but we had specific goals for the trip and did not want to overspend especially, since we were relying on public transit to get around the city. We used an app. You could use something like Moovit. It provides times and outlines your navigation by public transit. It makes things much easier. Lastly we stayed in an Airbnb. It was in Parabiagio a suburban area outside of the city. However, we planned and checked if it was close to public transportation to get into the city because we knew we did not have a car. I recommend getting an app like Moovit. It's great at providing information on public transit in whatever city you are visiting.


We went for 2 days and 1 night. The first day we visited a showroom for Fashion week. We met some really nice people also visiting for fashion week that were from Madrid, Stockholm, Turkey, France, and more. The next day we hit spots like the Duomo, Galleria, Triumphal Arch, and another showroom featuring brands like Zibra, Musher, Bamboo, Sira Milano and more. I liked Sira Milano’s collection overall and Musher because of its accessibility. I could see anyone incorporating one of their pieces into their wardrobe naturally.


Sira Milano’s capsule was pastel and transitions from day to night parallel white and black and pink and red as counterparts. Musher primarily focuses on outerwear specifically leather jackets. While I could see Sira Milano played out traditional as feminine Musher aligned itself more androgynous.


Overall, this was a great experience and networking opportunity. I was able to meet the designers of the brands and I plan on attending New York Fashion week for Spring Summer.