Modeling Modo Design / by Love Vdo


At the beginning of the semester I met Gaia Poli, who happens to be the head of the Fashion Department at FUA. Gaia manages Fly (Fashion Loves You) the vintage shop. She asked me if I would be willing to model and I said yes.

This past Tuesday, Fly and its student interns helped organize a fashion show for a local designer here in Florence. The designer was Modo Design I modeled for this event along with 4 others. We as models had a two week preparation before the actual event along with a final rehearsal the day of. The initial fitting I had to try on the outfits and then had my walk recorded so they could determine where to position me in the show. For the show they wanted a casual video and image someone from New York.  There was no smiling and the point was to be focused on the end rather than the people taking photos. To put it in Gaia’s words, we had to ‘’act like a warrior who is resting’’. For the show they designed a task for each of us to complete when we reached the end of the “runway.” My task was going to be to walk a dog and feed it biscuits but in the end I had to undo a flower bouquet of Lilies and then arrange them in a vase before going to the end and helping build a pyramid of boxes.


On the day of the show I had to come in early to get my makeup done. The makeup artist was Veronica and she was Italian. I asked her about how she got into makeup and she told me how she studied in london under someone as an apprentice and at an academy till she ended up joining a group of artists. The group has over 30 artist and they travel around Tuscany doing makeup. Usually, their clientele consists of brides. Veronica said she would get married in Tuscany because it is just so gorgeous.


After makeup I got into my outfit which consisted of a skirt, top, and shall. For accessories I wore a bum bag and a necklace. My favorite two pieces where the dress for Katie’s outfit and the pants from Frieda’s. Frieda wore the only outfit with trousers and I just loved the pocket detail the designer incorporated. I am not usually a fan of dresses personally but I like the pattern and cut and sew quality of the garment Katie  wore and it was simply accessorized.


What I enjoyed the most was being able to learn about the designer and how things are organized for a show. They were  so nice and even made each of the models a gift! I was so surprised and from my past experience it was not something that really happened in the states. I had modeled before for designers in Boston like Janea Couture and Erin Robertson but it was cool to do it in Florence in a new environment.  


Visit Fly to see theri vintage collection and right now they have pieces from Modo Design in stock for purchase.