International's Women's Day / by Love Vdo

This week was International Women's Day. To celebrate m museums in Florence opened It  themselves up for free admission. It also happened to be the warmest day out so far which was great because just the week before it was snowing  I decided to visit Basilica of Santa Maria Novella. I had seen the back of the Basilica many times while taking the train at the only train station which happens to be named after the church in Florence, but I had never actually seen inside of the Basilica. The church has a museum inside dedicated to it. It  houses various different art works and Relics.The more precious works are the frescoes that were done on cloister cloth. What I understood after visiting the exhibit is that much of the work has gone through various different trials being that in 1966 there was a flood that damaged a lot of the chapels facade and frescoes. Because of this there have been various different initiatives put in place to maintain the artwork and restore it to its its previous condition. Where was most surprised about was actually how large the Basilica is. It has to Courtyard Chapel Tower and the Architecture is absolutely amazing.


The current building is actually built on top of another church that had been taken down and rebuilt to look like what you would see currently today if you go to visit. The church also has tombs dedication to various different highborn Florentines who were able to afford it. I would suggest that if you are visiting Florence you should not miss this opportunity even though it may not be the most obvious place to visit on your destination like the Duomo.