Pop of Color / by Love Vdo

One of the main reasons I decided to come to Italy was because I wanted to be in one of the main fashion capitals of the of the world and get inspired by the locals and trends here so I could better cultivate my designs. In trade I am an industrial designer and mainly do product design it but I came to a point where decided that I really wanted to focus on soft goods: leather working and bag making specifically. While I am here trying to do exactly that. So, I was excited when I heard about a fashion event that was going to be happening.


The event was that FLY, a vintage shop that also features clothing from student designers. The theme was Pop of Color. Students studying fashion merchandising hospitality and fashion photography were the primary organizers of this event. I went with two of my roommates and a couple of friends of mine from school and we were really excited to go to this event. To be in the theme of the event I dressed up in a teal midi dress, red head wrap, and a fluffy scarf as a throw. Everyone was well dressed and there were activities. If you had my last blog I would have seen that I mention aperitivo and how popular is here in Italy.


What you should expect when going to an aperitivo is that usually it's later at night there's always drink and with that drink, you get basically an unlimited amount of buffet style food. ng It is probably the best way to introduce yourself to the Italian culture. Food and drink, I have noticed since living here, is a norm and they use that to bring people together.At the Fly event, they had activities live pin making and a photo booth and 20 percent off of the entire store. When I arrived my friends and I got two tickets which gave you two free drinks, all wine, and they served many orders that ranging from vegetarian option like a creamed spinach on a bread or fish option like an octopus salad. My favorite by far was the cap to the night: dessert, which was a lemon custard it had small flakes on it that added a layer of crunch and if anyone knows me they know that I love tart pastries more than anything.


All in all, this was a great event and allowed me to mingle with people of similar interests. I would definitely suggest if you are ever visiting Italy to take advantage of an aperitivo. Check if something you are interested in like if you are interested in art galleries is doing anything like that as well. Then you can mingle with people you enjoy similar things as you and network.

FLY stands for Fashion Loves You and  is located at Borgo Pinti, 20/red, 50122 Firenze FI.